Who Are America’s Educated Fools?

For decades Americans have been taught to believe that education is the panacea for everything.  We are told, “If we can just get everyone sufficiently educated, all of our problems can be solved.”  But, is that true?

As the recipient of both bachelors’s and master’s degrees, as well as an additional thirty-six credit hours beyond that, I assumed I was sufficiently educated.  Although, I knew education was a life-long process, I figured my preparation should allow me to debate with credibility on most issues of the day.  It took several years for me to realize my education wasn’t sufficient to make me wise.  There is a big, big difference between the two.

One thing that finally struck me was the problem of pride, including my own.  It causes the educated to have a “smarter than thou” attitude, which blinds us to the “wisdom factor.”  Many less educated people have that wisdom, especially those who have spent a lifetime studying the Bible and great Christian thinkers.  Many well-educated people have also attained it.

Education itself does not lead us to morality, character, sensitivity, or compassion.  One only needs to look at the condition of our society to see that truth.  Highly educated people cheat, lie, steal, and destroy others with the same abandon as the uneducated.  Many of those same people tout their compassion, but they are willing to destroy those they see as “evil.”  That would be anyone who disagrees with them or gets in the way of their agenda.

So, who are the educated fools?  They are the ones who deny God in their hearts.  They deny his sovereignty, his created order, and his laws.  They see themselves as the measure of all things, with the right to determine good and evil.  They call evil good and good evil.  Their ultimate goal is to create a new world order and return humanity to Babel.  They are more than willing to use the education system to get there.

May God deliver us from them.


America: Free or Unfettered?

Freedom, as understood by America’s founders, meant that freedom for everyone must necessarily be tied to certain boundaries and constraints to work. For over two hundred years, it did work, albeit imperfectly at times.

The Bill of Rights guaranteed all citizens freedom of religion, speech, of the press, assembly, and petition of the Government for redress of grievances. Congress was to make laws that did not infringe on these rights. Laws (boundaries, restraints) were to be passed by both houses of Congress and signed into law by the President. Anything not assigned by the Constitution to Congress was to be left to the states. Fairly simple in theory, and with proper enforcement, the country prospered.  America was unified under the Constitution. Its aim was to be “one nation, under God.”

However, America’s unity began to unravel somewhere around 1960 and ever more increasingly since then. Currently the nation is at war from within. It is the most divided since the Civil War.

America’s state of division came about as all deterioration does – little by little, almost imperceptibly. It came with an increasing breakdown of faith and civility over time. It came with a suspicion toward our form of government, with growing disrespect toward our laws, our flag, and our Constitution.

In the beginning and for two centuries, the nation had embraced the principles of Christianity. Every school-aged child in the country knew basic tenets of the Bible through their schools. They knew about the Ten Commandments, and the Golden Rule. They were taught the history of western civilization with its emphasis on the role of Christianity. They were taught how to be good citizens. However, once prayer, the Ten Commandments, and much of history were removed from the classrooms, so were the bases for moral character and good citizenship.

The Scriptures teach that “Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraints.” We have seen that happen in America. All boundaries and moral restraints are giving way. Nothing seems to be sacred anymore. No borders and no rules are the order of the day.  Under the guise of tolerance and diversity, we are seeing the unity of America disintegrate.  Will being unfettered be worth the demise of the freest society on earth?

Making America Great Again

Candidate Donald Trump’s slogan in 2016 was “Make America Great Again.”  The words assumed that America was great in the past, but was not so now.  Voters seemed to agree and elected Mr. Trump President.

The idea of making America great again begs the answer to two obvious questions:

  1. If America has been great, what made it so?
  2. What happened to change that?

French sociologist Alexis de Tocqueville wrote in 1835, “America is great because she is good.  If America ceases to be good, she will cease to be great.”  He made that statement after visiting American churches, saying, “…not until (I) heard her pulpits aflame with righteousness did I understand the secret of her genius and power.” In Democracy in America, Tocqueville also said, “Liberty cannot be established without morality, nor morality without faith.”

For years I and many others have been lamenting the moral decline of America and wondering how we had come to this.  It is most probable that the secular philosophies of progressivism, relativism, socialism, and a jumble of others coming out of our universities bear a great deal of the responsibility.  They determine what is taught and not taught in our schools. It is certain that whatever is perceived as politically correct will make its way into the curriculum.

When prayer, The Ten Commandments, and Christian influence were no longer welcomed in our schools, morality and faith began to decline.  Religion became increasingly powerless to confront evil in the culture.  The question is:  What was really behind it all?

I believe one of the major catalysts was the secularization of the Church.  During the middle part of the twentieth century, many Church leaders were being trained in liberal seminaries that had abandoned the doctrine of Divine Inspiration of Scripture. They began to question much of the Bible’s accuracy and authority. This led inevitably toward churches becoming comfortable with popular movements in the culture.   Many Christians became more and more undifferentiated from the rest of society.

The church no longer accepted the words of James 4:4 that “friendship with the world is hatred toward God”.  Today it seems that many do not even recognize what the term “worldly” means. They don’t know their Bibles. 1 Corinthians 6: 9-10 listed the “sexually immoral, idolaters, adulterers, male prostitutes, homosexual offenders, thieves, the greedy, drunkards, slanderers, and swindlers” among those who would not inherit the kingdom of God. John, the apostle recorded the very words of Jesus, “Outside (of the city where the tree of life is) are those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.” The Bible makes it pretty clear what worldliness involves.

“The Church” was commissioned by Jesus Christ to be salt and light to a sinful world. It was supposed to influence the culture by its righteousness.  That is no longer happening as it should in our nation.  In far too many ways, America has ceased to be good, and it has lost much of its greatness.  If the Church begins to live out its mandate and truly becomes “salt and light” again, it will again change the culture.  Only real revival of the Church and a return to biblical righteousness can really Make America Great Again.


It seems that just about everyone blogging or commenting on issues of the day claim to represent truth.  However, their ideas are often diametrically opposed to each other, and we find ourselves living in a fractured society.

The post truth mindset of our time tells us we can all have our own truth.  The result has been confusion and increasing dissension.  So, is there a way to know which convictions are right?

Jesus Christ said that he is the truth.  He told Pilate that everyone on the side of truth listens to him.  Since close to 80 percent of Americans still claim they believe in Jesus, it is astounding how many of us seem to get our “truth” from other sources.

If all truth must be in agreement with Jesus, the only place to get it is the Bible.  But, we must approach it with the knowledge that either all of it is true or all of it can be questioned, and that concept brings us right back to the problem of depending on ourselves for truth.

Depending on one’s self for truth is a deadly snare.  Scripture tells us Satan is a deceiver and appears as an angel of light.  Christians who spend little to no time searching the Scriptures for themselves and letting it form their worldview will most likely find themselves more in agreement with Hollywood and unbelievers than with the Bible.

Jesus also taught that truth and freedom are connected.  That tells us that if the light of truth goes dim in America, freedom will suffer as well.  Those who value freedom must recognize the importance of finding eternal truth, a truth that doesn’t depend on our own understanding.


Why the growing disrespect for America’s symbols?  In fact it is a hatred for America itself.  But what is really behind it all?

It has been brewing for decades among a cadre of highly educated fools who claim Americans should be ashamed of their country because of its failure to get everything right on slavery, women, and Native Americans in 1776.

They want to pull it all down and start over with their enlightened knowledge of what constitutes real freedom.  They want a revolution much like the French Revolution of 1789, which was a reign of terror led by Robespierre and his terrorist group of Jacobins.  They apparently don’t believe that all such ill-conceived revolutions lead to needless bloodshed and ultimately to dictatorships, but history proves them wrong.

Unfortunately, many of the black population they claim to represent have been subjected to “carrying their water” by stirring up discontent, protest, and violence.  This is only the beginning of a new type of slavery should the malcontents succeed.

Those of all races who recognize it for what it is must resist and work together to stop it.


Planned Parenthood, the KKK, and Hitler?

Surely the day will come when association with Planned Parenthood will rightly be treated with the same disgust and contempt as the KKK and racism are today.

Although proponents argue that Margaret Sanger, the most notable of its founders, was not racist, she was a strong supporter of eugenics to control population.  It is not contested that she wanted  Congress to “solve the population problem” through birth control, abortion, and closed immigration for people with disabilities.  She also wanted a law that would force couples to get a “permit to become parents” and believed that large families should be against the law.

Even if Ms. Sanger and her sympathizers may not have intended for their policies to destroy black babies in greater numbers than others, that is what their “Negro Project” led to.  It has not raised the standard of living for Blacks, as they claimed it would.  A realistic look at our society makes that abundantly clear.

To contend that Planned Parenthood has done a lot of good through health care for poor women is no better excuse for its existence than Hitler’s support for environmentalism and “medical research” were for his sadistic and evil dictatorship.

What Margaret Sanger and “social progressives” of today have in common is the idea that people like them are the ones who ought to decide who should live and who should die.  It comes from that age old lie that a perfect race can be forcibly achieved for the good of humanity, be it Hitler’s Aryan race or something planned by highly educated elites in America.

Many people who support popular programs like Planned Parenthood are unaware of their real history. Our society has made it difficult to learn what we need to know from history by refusing to teach it accurately and completely to our children.  However, at some point the ugliness of such movements will be revealed, just as it was with slavery and the Nazis.

The Greatest Threat of Our Time

The greatest threat of our time is the battle going on for the minds of our youth.  It is the age- old battle to control what children are taught, because that always determines what most will believe and to whom their allegiance will belong.

Just as Hitler could never have succeeded in committing his level of atrocities on the world without first capturing the minds of Germany’s youth, so also America could never have fallen to its current condition without the classroom.

The hatred, violence, anarchy, and division across the land are a direct result of misuse and misdirection of America’s classrooms.

The first assault was the same one that has been pushed throughout the ages. It was and is to discredit the Scriptures. The same question that led to the fall of man has brought America and most of the West to the same precipice.  “Has God really said?”

Young people who would not readily fall for atheism could and have been persuaded to be suspicious of and uncomfortable with much of the Bible. They have fallen for the same lie as Eve; that she could become as God and decide good and evil for herself.

We have gone from the secularization of the classroom to the intended atheistic or agnostic mindset of much of America. We have accepted the practices of homosexuality and abortion, and now perhaps the intended final blow to God’s created order is near.

The transgender issue is making its way through the schools in just the same way as the others. If one wants to know how successful that effort is, just Google “Nashville Statement”, an outline of biblical teaching on human sexuality. The outpouring of vitriol against it says it all.

We have come to the place where to revere the Scriptures is labelled HATE.  That is coinciding with increasing intolerance toward Christianity and if unabated will lead directly to persecution through destroying reputation, employment, and freedom for those who follow Christ.

Climate Change and Noah’s Flood

The Judeo-Christian ethic has been nearly extinguished throughout much of the West, and political group think has taken its place.  Over the past fifty years, truth has been practically evicted from the public square, and “Everyone does what is right in his own eyes”, as it was in the days of Noah.

Ironically, many are now freaking out about the possibility of rising oceans due to climate change.  They are frantic that President Trump’s decision to drop out of the Paris agreement will lead to Doom’s Day.  Apparently they don’t remember or never knew that the rainbow was God’s solemn promise that the earth would never again be destroyed by a flood.

How striking it is that the symbol of the rainbow was hi-jacked by a movement that has denied and rebelled against God’s created order for human beings!  There is good reason to be concerned about Doom’s Day, but it will not come from a flood.


Why School Choice Could Be Crucial for America

Free speech, freedom of religion, and civility are at an all-time low in America, and it is a direct result of what has happened to and through education in this country.

Public schools in America were birthed with noble ambitions. The founders knew that education is an essential building block of civilization. They recognized that schools must teach wisdom, morality, and knowledge. We needed a common foundation to foster and protect freedom for everyone. Religion was not to be coerced, but it was to be respected.

However, in the past decade, America became one of the top countries in the world seeing a rise in both governmental restrictions and social hostility toward religion.  There are efforts to silence any speech that offends a politically correct viewpoint. We are seeing continual protests against speakers on college campuses, and some are not only disruptive but violent as well. Young people, around ninety percent of whom are products of public schools, seem increasingly unwilling to allow any differing viewpoint to be heard, especially if it is out of step with the liberal left dogma they have been spoon fed.

Realistically, the role of the schools in fostering the current climate cannot be ignored.  As naturalistic thinking began to take over in the universities and moved down to elementary and secondary schools, more emphasis was placed on changing how children think and removing old standards. Traditional studies like history and civics gave way to include feminism, alternate life styles, and tolerance for worldviews that deny absolute truth.  Basic skills took a nosedive, and so did responsible behavior.  Calls for reform only resulted in more confusion.

Reformers always claimed to pursue excellence through higher standards and critical thinking skills. However, programs and curriculum that arose continued to focus on beliefs and social behaviors in opposition to America’s founding principles. There was a push to centralize all public education under common national goals. The intention was for every child to reach the same outcomes. Many good teachers frustrated by the absurdities became discouraged or gave up altogether.

It will take a spiritual awakening and revival of the church to really change the culture in America.  However, changing public schools is no longer an option.  Because of the entrenched power of “intellectual supremacists” and their post truth worldview over education, we will be locked into national decline until that power is taken away.

Next to prayer, school choice is our best weapon to force necessary changes in the direction of our society. All parents deserve the opportunity to protect the minds of their children from unwanted indoctrination and be able to teach them to become civilized individuals. They also deserve schools that will keep their children safe from bullying, assault, and violence.  Competition from a choice environment could also force government schools to become more responsive to parental oversight.

We are at a critical time in our nation’s history and cannot afford to ignore it.  Christians must return to the Lord in our thoughts and actions, and we must ask ourselves why so many of us have more in common ideologically with Hollywood and unbelievers than we do with other Christians. That must change if we hope to have a positive impact on society.

What Donald Trump Can Do For Education

A very wise person once said, “The policies of the classroom in one generation will be the policies of the government in the next.”  Over the past forty years, America has seen the truth of that statement borne out.

The take-over of education policy by the federal government has produced a Dis-United States with racial, religious, moral, and civil tensions of unprecedented proportions. The starkness of this was played out in the violent protests of young people demanding that the lawful, constitutional election of 2016 be overthrown because they didn’t like the outcome.  The majority of those arrested for rioting had not even voted.

The President’s failure to uphold the laws of the land with which he disagreed and his willingness to allow states to disobey federal law no doubt had an impact on students’ disrespect for the Constitution and their willingness to resort to anarchy after the election. From Berlin, the President told students protesting the election in America not to remain silent.  In other words, he was telling them to keep it up.

In Lincoln, Nebraska, a school told students they should not fly the American flag for Veterans Day because it might produce  post-election backlash. One student’s flag on his vehicle was destroyed. This goes along with the practice of several well-known athletes refusing to stand for the National Anthem. It appears that patriotism is now an offense to some Americans. Is it possible that our education system is complicit in this changing view?

In San Francisco the teacher’s union endorsed a lesson plan that portrayed the President-Elect as “a racist and sexist man who had pandered to a huge racist, sexist base.”  A spokesperson for the union said that the purpose was to allow students a voice and to “validate their feelings.”

During the eight years of his presidency, the Obama administration pushed far left social issues by way of the schools, calling for non-gender bathrooms and special protections and considerations for homo-sexual and bi-sexual students.  Students were also witnesses to the celebration from the Obama White House for the legalization of same-sex marriage.

Writer for The National Review, David French, said “The stakes are now clear: We must fix our education system or slowly but surely lose our culture.”  He is right on, and one of the best things the new administration can do to fix it is to give all parents choice in the education of their children. For until children can be rescued from the postmodern, politically correct stranglehold on the public schools, the situation will not improve. Many parents are tired of the federal government dictating what their children are to believe and  what they must become.  Choice will force the public schools to either start responding to the will of the people or begin to die.