Why Truth Matters For Education

Education is the foundation for civilization, but an education that is not grounded in truth cannot support a civilized society. America and western civilization have long been seeking complete secularization of their schools and downplaying the role of truth. We have now raised more than a generation of students without moral or spiritual training. They have been led to believe that truth is irrelevant or non-existent, and that no one has the right to judge anyone else’s values. This has been a disastrous course leading to moral decay, a rapidly growing incivility, and a looming loss of freedom.  It has also led to failing schools.

Architects of education reform efforts such as “Outcome Based Education” and “Common Core” have failed to bring positive change to the schools. Though they promise higher standards and improved critical thinking skills, they focus more attention on politically correct attitudes, feelings, and social behaviors which have no moral or spiritual foundation. They have helped to produce a post-Christian society that is rapidly cutting off the roots of faith which created western civilization and the ideal of freedom. Unless the tide is turned, the decline will continue to take us further from a civilized, freedom loving society.

It will take much more than Christian schools and home schooling to turn the raging tide. Positive change can only come when we are willing and able to recognize and speak the truth. The problem is that we no longer have a majority in America who believe in absolute truth.  Most have the false impression that believing something strongly enough is all it takes to make it true. However, there is only one infallible source of truth, and that is God.  We cannot know truth or live in real freedom unless and until we know and receive his truth. Jesus Christ taught that holding to his teachings and becoming his disciples will enable us to know the truth that will set us free. (John 8:31-32)

It appears that much of the Church in the West has been complicit in squandering the blessings of God by its worldliness and lack of a bold faith. The question is, “Can Christians experience a rebirth of truth?” Is it possible to reverse the declining direction of our culture? How can believers become real critical thinkers and begin to capture the culture? What part does education reform have in such a renaissance?  These questions are the theme of this site.