What’s Behind Politically Correct Sex Education?

How did our schools become incubators for misguided sex education, radical feminism, and approval of homosexuality? The answer is that it all follows the utopian worldview of secular humanism. Alfred Kinsey, Mary Calderone, Wilhelm Reich, and Margaret Sanger all influenced sex education in the public schools. Colson and Pearcey pointed out that Calderone was a major contributor who viewed sexuality as a means of “transforming human nature and ushering in the ideal society.” Austrian psychologist Wilhelm Reich advanced the theory that sex without any restrictions was man’s only salvation, and his writings became recommended reading in college courses. Margaret Sanger, the forerunner of Planned Parenthood, pushed for abortion rights because she wanted to use it to control the population and to get rid of those she and others considered inferior.

So, what is the underlying purpose behind it all? When secular humanism under the cloak of “progressivism” infiltrated the universities, it brought with it the utopian framework. It was and is an ideology that denies absolute truth and moral law, seeks the ascendancy of man without the religious restraints of conscience, and believes mankind can build his own paradise without God. Of course, what succeeds in the universities eventually takes over classrooms at all levels.

School systems in California and other states are now contributing to sexual confusion and psychological problems by encouraging children to determine what gender they prefer to identify with. They have ordered that children be allowed to use whichever school bathrooms and locker rooms they choose according to their feelings. Recently the state of Tennessee witnessed an uproar of dissent when it appeared that the University of Tennessee had endorsed the use of gender neutral pronouns by its students. Is there any doubt that similar attempts are underway in school systems throughout the nation?