Politically Correct or True?

Possibly a majority of people have a negative perception when they hear the term “politically correct”.  Yet, many view truth through politically correct lenses.  For instance, they may think that their favorite news source is unbiased, but that of their neighbor is totally biased to the point of spreading lies.  When asked to give examples, they can’t prove any out-and-out fabrications, but still believe they are getting the straight truth and their neighbor is not.

So, how do we differentiate between what is politically correct and what is true?  First of all, what is politically correct can and will change with time.  Truth never changes.  Slavery was once politically correct in this country.  That is an unfortunate truth about our history.  Those who were preaching against slavery were out of sync with their time.  Their compassionate ideas were considered divisive and a threat to the freedom of slave owners.  There were even Supreme Court Justices on the side of slavery as demonstrated by the Dred Scott Decision. It became the “law of the land” and wasn’t to be violated. It is an unfortunate truth about our history of which many people either aren’t aware or choose to ignore.

We are now witnessing new politically correct ideas that are equally divisive. One of those is the issue of abortion.  Conservatives are against it, and liberals are for keeping it legal.  Social conservatives believe all human life is sacred no matter the age or health of the individual. Liberals believe the fetus is not fully human.  What is the truth?  When does life begin? Through technology, we’ve been able to see the development taking place in the womb–a beating heart, moving legs and arms, thumb sucking, opening and closing of eyes, and we know the blood flowing in the veins is human.  Yet, political correctness rejects it all as proof of personhood in favor of not infringing on the “rights” of the mother. It seems that we care not about what is lawful but only what is legal, and we don’t seem to know the difference.

The same is true of same-sex marriage.  Conservatives are against it.  Liberals are for it.  It’s politically correct, so in some minds it must be right.  But is it?  How do we decide?  Christians who take the Bible as the best source of truth believe Jesus’s words in Matthew 19: 4-6 settle the matter. Liberal minded people who either dismiss much of the Bible as allegorical or irrelevant prefer to believe that Jesus would not disapprove of a lifestyle that is politically correct.

Where does truth come in? Just as in the issue of slavery, politically correct attitudes and behaviors will have powerful and long-lasting consequences.  America is still paying the price for its failure to get it right with slavery.  History may see our generation as one of the most barbaric societies ever for the way we have treated the unborn.  Unbridled sexual license could bring such destruction to the family that America’s way of life will crumble and fall. Freedom loving people from all over the world may have to look elsewhere for what once was the American dream?  History will tell.