How common is Common Core?

Common defense, commonwealth, common schools are all terms that we value in America because they represent our ideals for the good of all our citizens.  The question is, “Does the Common Core education initiative meet that standard?”  Was it truly representative of America’s values and the democratic way of determining our  governance?  Whenever the money and power that go with education reform are involved, it is always necessary to take a longer and much closer look before answering questions like these.

The nation was led to believe that this take-over of education was fully tried, tested, and affirmed by those who have been duly elected to make those decisions.  However, just as education packages before it, Common Core was never fully researched and tested by real educators in real classrooms.  It was another attempt at building the airplane while it’s being flown. We’ve seen it before with outcome-based education and other initiatives.

We were told that America’s schools are not keeping up with the rest of the world because our standards are too low and not uniform.  Could it be that the same people who were responsible for pushing PC junk standards onto the schools in the first place are now the ones complaining and offering their expertise in fixing them?

Could it be that State governments, teacher unions, and business organizations were offered a carrot on a stick with lots of money behind it to support Common Core?  Big businesses such as testing companies and powerful people like Bill Gates must have seen dollar signs in the development of testing methods which require new materials and new technologies. They stand to make millions. Should these people be the ones to determine what our schools must teach and how they should do it?

Why do we need to have all testing done on-line?  Why do we need to collect massive amounts of data on students?  Why are we trusting people with connections to testing firms and technology companies who do millions of dollars of business with the state’s schools to serve on Common Core commissions?

It appears that the only thing common about Common Core is how frequently it returns to us under different names and window dressings but with the same purpose of putting every part of education under the control of the federal government.


Orwellian Reason Obama Said States Can “Stop Obsessing” About Tests

Apparently the Department of Education has gotten concerned over the outcry from parents, teachers, and unions over burdensome high-stake testing, and they realized they had to do something quickly.  So, they’ve started with an apology and a promise to fix it.

Parents, teachers, school board members, and state legislators must now keep a cautious eye on what is being proposed to take the place of all that testing. “Stealth assessments” are already being devised.

To find out more about how and why states are being pushed to start collecting data digitally, thereby avoiding privacy protection for parents, I urge concerned citizens to check out the blog post below.

Source: Orwellian Reason Obama Said States Can “Stop Obsessing” About Tests