Why Our Schools Need Jesus

Apologist Ravi Zacharias recently asked, “Can you talk of education without first looking into the human heart?”  What he meant is that you cannot teach personal responsibility if you have no moral framework.  If you don’t comprehend what it really means to be human, you cannot identify evil.  And if you can’t identify evil, you have no way to define what is good.

Our education leaders and many politicians have long denied that there is a moral law by which to create a framework for justice.  They’ve offered up situational ethics and an ever-changing definition of good behavior and wellbeing which has failed to produce a kinder, gentler, more peaceful society.

More than anything else, what’s happened to our schools has spawned a worldview leading to mass rebellion, anger, and self-consumed bad behavior because nobody dares to say, “This is wrong!”  Until we admit that a moral law exists, we can never adequately confront evil.  At the moment there are too many in power who resist the idea of a moral law because it implies, rather demands, a lawgiver.  This they refuse to allow.

For that reason, we have for decades been sending out from our schools untold thousands of students who have very little conscience and no compelling reason to care about anyone but themselves.  Ethics, if they ever even consider it, means whatever they prefer for it to mean.  The result is a breakdown of civility across the land, and only the ideals of truth and peace brought by Jesus Christ can ever fix it.