In reading and listening to news reports from across the nation, it appears that  America is becoming less civilized every day.  Respect for life, marriage, religious freedom, honesty, morality, responsibility, and so many other traditional values is eroding rapidly. The secularization of America has led to a wholesale loss of our foundational principles.  However, there seem to be fewer and fewer of us who are really concerned about it.

Consequently, “…justice is driven back, and righteousness stands at a distance; truth has stumbled in the streets, honesty cannot enter.  Truth is nowhere to be found, and whoever shuns evil becomes prey.” Isaiah 59:14-15

History shows the destinies of many nations before us who followed the same paths.  It is not a place we should want to go.  But how do we find our way back to the blessings America enjoyed for two centuries?

First of all, we must recognize where we’re headed and why.  Then we have to get right individually before we can pray for our nation.  2 Samuel 24:25 tells us “The Lord was moved by prayer for the land.” In 2 Chronicles 14, King Asa said, “The land is still ours, because we have sought the Lord our God; we sought him and he has given us rest on every side.  So they built and prospered.”

An immoral, totally secularized America is in no position to reverse the course of destruction to ourselves.  We’d better hope there are still enough righteous people left to intercede.

May God bless the efforts of Franklin Graham to hold prayer rallies at every state capital in the nation this year.  His schedule of dates is found at DecisionAmericaTour.com.