Martin Luther King predicted that “unarmed truth and unconditional love” would “have the final word in reality.” Apologist Ravi Zacharias  noted that because “Our entire educational ideology in the West is propelled by a radical secular agenda…and is governed by  a scientific single vision”, we must ask the next question: “Which of the exact sciences gives us the imperatives of unarmed truth and unconditional love?”

Dr. Zacharias reminded his readers that “truth and love are not the imperatives of a naturalistic framework”, and that “those who truly wish dignity and honorable freedom can’t find it in the pure sciences.” Is it possible that this emptiness of the soul is spawning a new generation that will reject the philosophy of naturalism and gain a new outlook on truth?

It appears that we may have reached a time when serious-minded young people are beginning to ask some tough questions about the worldview they have inherited through western education and its resulting culture.  Christian apologists are encountering packed lecture halls all over the West with students waiting long times to ask their questions.  They are seeking answers that “naturalism has not and cannot give them.”

This is encouraging news for Christians who have long been praying  for a new dawning of light to pierce the darkness of radical secularism. Could there be a revival on the horizon that will bring about a new enlightenment? We must hope and pray that there is, because without it, Malcolm Muggeridge’s prediction of a “dark, dismal future for humanity”* is the likely alternative.

*All quotes are taken from the RZIM Spring 2016 Newsletter.