Planned Parenthood, the KKK, and Hitler?

Surely the day will come when association with Planned Parenthood will rightly be treated with the same disgust and contempt as the KKK and racism are today.

Although proponents argue that Margaret Sanger, the most notable of its founders, was not racist, she was a strong supporter of eugenics to control population.  It is not contested that she wanted  Congress to “solve the population problem” through birth control, abortion, and closed immigration for people with disabilities.  She also wanted a law that would force couples to get a “permit to become parents” and believed that large families should be against the law.

Even if Ms. Sanger and her sympathizers may not have intended for their policies to destroy black babies in greater numbers than others, that is what their “Negro Project” led to.  It has not raised the standard of living for Blacks, as they claimed it would.  A realistic look at our society makes that abundantly clear.

To contend that Planned Parenthood has done a lot of good through health care for poor women is no better excuse for its existence than Hitler’s support for environmentalism and “medical research” were for his sadistic and evil dictatorship.

What Margaret Sanger and “social progressives” of today have in common is the idea that people like them are the ones who ought to decide who should live and who should die.  It comes from that age old lie that a perfect race can be forcibly achieved for the good of humanity, be it Hitler’s Aryan race or something planned by highly educated elites in America.

Many people who support popular programs like Planned Parenthood are unaware of their real history. Our society has made it difficult to learn what we need to know from history by refusing to teach it accurately and completely to our children.  However, at some point the ugliness of such movements will be revealed, just as it was with slavery and the Nazis.