Why the growing disrespect for America’s symbols?  In fact it is a hatred for America itself.  But what is really behind it all?

It has been brewing for decades among a cadre of highly educated fools who claim Americans should be ashamed of their country because of its failure to get everything right on slavery, women, and Native Americans in 1776.

They want to pull it all down and start over with their enlightened knowledge of what constitutes real freedom.  They want a revolution much like the French Revolution of 1789, which was a reign of terror led by Robespierre and his terrorist group of Jacobins.  They apparently don’t believe that all such ill-conceived revolutions lead to needless bloodshed and ultimately to dictatorships, but history proves them wrong.

Unfortunately, many of the black population they claim to represent have been subjected to “carrying their water” by stirring up discontent, protest, and violence.  This is only the beginning of a new type of slavery should the malcontents succeed.

Those of all races who recognize it for what it is must resist and work together to stop it.