Government Policing School Bathrooms?

Our public schools became incubators for misguided sex education around fifty years ago, but few realized where it would eventually take us. Those who led the sexual revolution viewed sexuality as a means of transforming human beings in order to usher in a more ideal society. Their Utopia was to have no moral restraints and no restrictions whatsoever on sexual behavior.  It seems our current president and his administration are in lockstep with them.

President Obama has ordered that all public schools make it a priority to allow transgender students into whatever bathrooms they prefer. This will no doubt include locker rooms, dorm rooms and sports teams soon. His policy will also affect speech codes for teachers and students.  No one will be allowed to question a student who claims to be transgender or ask for any proof. One has to wonder if the goal is to totally remove gender identification from our schools.

We know Hillary Clinton will be in complete agreement with such policy, and Donald Trump has shrugged his shoulders when questioned on the transgender issue.  He doesn’t seem to have a problem with the president’s bathroom mandate.

So, what can concerned parents do about it?  Not a lot unless they can get their children out of public schools.  Parents can and must push their state government to resist by expanding the voucher system and even refusing federal funding to their schools if necessary.

David French, staff writer for National Review, has wisely suggested that churches form coalitions to provide support for their communities’ best private schools. Concerned citizens must pursue every avenue open to us in order to combat this very real destruction of our culture.