The Greatest Threat of Our Time

The greatest threat of our time is the battle going on for the minds of our youth.  It is the age- old battle to control what children are taught, because that always determines what most will believe and to whom their allegiance will belong.

Just as Hitler could never have succeeded in committing his level of atrocities on the world without first capturing the minds of Germany’s youth, so also America could never have fallen to its current condition without the classroom.

The hatred, violence, anarchy, and division across the land are a direct result of misuse and misdirection of America’s classrooms.

The first assault was the same one that has been pushed throughout the ages. It was and is to discredit the Scriptures. The same question that led to the fall of man has brought America and most of the West to the same precipice.  “Has God really said?”

Young people who would not readily fall for atheism could and have been persuaded to be suspicious of and uncomfortable with much of the Bible. They have fallen for the same lie as Eve; that she could become as God and decide good and evil for herself.

We have gone from the secularization of the classroom to the intended atheistic or agnostic mindset of much of America. We have accepted the practices of homosexuality and abortion, and now perhaps the intended final blow to God’s created order is near.

The transgender issue is making its way through the schools in just the same way as the others. If one wants to know how successful that effort is, just Google “Nashville Statement”, an outline of biblical teaching on human sexuality. The outpouring of vitriol against it says it all.

We have come to the place where to revere the Scriptures is labelled HATE.  That is coinciding with increasing intolerance toward Christianity and if unabated will lead directly to persecution through destroying reputation, employment, and freedom for those who follow Christ.