Naturalism 101

It is back to school time again, and as a retired teacher, I get a little nostalgic this time of year.  I’m reminded though of how much has changed in the classroom over the last fifty years.  It isn’t so much the curriculum as it is the attitude.  Where there was once a shared culture that included respect and appreciation for teachers and other authorities, that value has been greatly eroded.

The question is, “Should our society be worried about it?”  Many people aren’t concerned, and some even think it’s a good sign. They see it as validating the goal of secularism to teach naturalism and all of its ramifications. Naturalism, or evolution on steroids, says that “Nature is all that is, or was, or ever will be.”  It is a philosophical, perhaps even religious statement (Nature being its God), but it is definitely not a scientific one.

Nevertheless, children will be spoon fed its doctrine in every area of their schooling, even by unwitting teachers.  Naturalism will subtly teach them that all things are relative, there are no moral absolutes, and religion belongs in the category of superstition. The message children will receive is that  they are all just part of purposeless, meaningless matter in motion.  This means that they don’t have a soul or an eternal destiny, so they will just dance to their DNA until they die.  It means that nature is red in tooth and claw and that only the strongest survive.

So, why should anyone be worried about this?  First of all because it is a lie, and lies have bad consequences.  We can see some of those consequences in unrest, disrespect, intolerance, and bigotry throughout the nation.  We see it in corruption in business and government.  We see it in broken families and broken neighborhoods, and this is just scratching the surface.

It is something we should be concerned about if we care about freedom, justice, and peace in our country.

So, what can be done about it? First, naturalism must be critically examined and exposed as the pseudo science it is. We must teach our own children how to think rationally and defend their faith by helping them to understand the difference between a philosophy and real science.  Especially when dealing with the high school and college levels, we should insist on vigorous debate and refuse to allow “the science is settled” argument to shut it out.

Naturalism is firmly entrenched in academia, media, and government, so it will not be defeated easily. Nevertheless, we who care must hope and strive for the day when truth will set us free.