America: Free or Unfettered?

Freedom, as understood by America’s founders, meant that freedom for everyone must necessarily be tied to certain boundaries and constraints to work. For over two hundred years, it did work, albeit imperfectly at times.

The Bill of Rights guaranteed all citizens freedom of religion, speech, of the press, assembly, and petition of the Government for redress of grievances. Congress was to make laws that did not infringe on these rights. Laws (boundaries, restraints) were to be passed by both houses of Congress and signed into law by the President. Anything not assigned by the Constitution to Congress was to be left to the states. Fairly simple in theory, and with proper enforcement, the country prospered.  America was unified under the Constitution. Its aim was to be “one nation, under God.”

However, America’s unity began to unravel somewhere around 1960 and ever more increasingly since then. Currently the nation is at war from within. It is the most divided since the Civil War.

America’s state of division came about as all deterioration does – little by little, almost imperceptibly. It came with an increasing breakdown of faith and civility over time. It came with a suspicion toward our form of government, with growing disrespect toward our laws, our flag, and our Constitution.

In the beginning and for two centuries, the nation had embraced the principles of Christianity. Every school-aged child in the country knew basic tenets of the Bible through their schools. They knew about the Ten Commandments, and the Golden Rule. They were taught the history of western civilization with its emphasis on the role of Christianity. They were taught how to be good citizens. However, once prayer, the Ten Commandments, and much of history were removed from the classrooms, so were the bases for moral character and good citizenship.

The Scriptures teach that “Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraints.” We have seen that happen in America. All boundaries and moral restraints are giving way. Nothing seems to be sacred anymore. No borders and no rules are the order of the day.  Under the guise of tolerance and diversity, we are seeing the unity of America disintegrate.  Will being unfettered be worth the demise of the freest society on earth?


What Donald Trump Can Do For Education

A very wise person once said, “The policies of the classroom in one generation will be the policies of the government in the next.”  Over the past forty years, America has seen the truth of that statement borne out.

The take-over of education policy by the federal government has produced a Dis-United States with racial, religious, moral, and civil tensions of unprecedented proportions. The starkness of this was played out in the violent protests of young people demanding that the lawful, constitutional election of 2016 be overthrown because they didn’t like the outcome.  The majority of those arrested for rioting had not even voted.

The President’s failure to uphold the laws of the land with which he disagreed and his willingness to allow states to disobey federal law no doubt had an impact on students’ disrespect for the Constitution and their willingness to resort to anarchy after the election. From Berlin, the President told students protesting the election in America not to remain silent.  In other words, he was telling them to keep it up.

In Lincoln, Nebraska, a school told students they should not fly the American flag for Veterans Day because it might produce  post-election backlash. One student’s flag on his vehicle was destroyed. This goes along with the practice of several well-known athletes refusing to stand for the National Anthem. It appears that patriotism is now an offense to some Americans. Is it possible that our education system is complicit in this changing view?

In San Francisco the teacher’s union endorsed a lesson plan that portrayed the President-Elect as “a racist and sexist man who had pandered to a huge racist, sexist base.”  A spokesperson for the union said that the purpose was to allow students a voice and to “validate their feelings.”

During the eight years of his presidency, the Obama administration pushed far left social issues by way of the schools, calling for non-gender bathrooms and special protections and considerations for homo-sexual and bi-sexual students.  Students were also witnesses to the celebration from the Obama White House for the legalization of same-sex marriage.

Writer for The National Review, David French, said “The stakes are now clear: We must fix our education system or slowly but surely lose our culture.”  He is right on, and one of the best things the new administration can do to fix it is to give all parents choice in the education of their children. For until children can be rescued from the postmodern, politically correct stranglehold on the public schools, the situation will not improve. Many parents are tired of the federal government dictating what their children are to believe and  what they must become.  Choice will force the public schools to either start responding to the will of the people or begin to die.